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The World so far

Many years ago, hard even to recall for the long lived elves of the forest islands, there came a great flood that engulfed most of the world’s land.

Believing magic to involved the years following the flood lead to the hunting of anyone able to use the arcane arts, they were mostly hanged or burned for crimes they may not have commuted but mostly out of fear of anything like the flood hapening again.

After anger left most of the people they started to rebuild, or start over and small villages and farming communities sprang up on the islands that were able to produce. The greatest island became the capitol, and on it a city rose up, called Verdenant, around which a heavy fog was alway present, using this fog as a great natural defense the city was never challenged and prospered greatly.

Most other settlements were wracked by raids and pirates and survived in what ways they could.

This continued for many years until recently another foe has appeared to the islanders of the world. Soldiers wearing strange armor very well crafted with ornate symbols almost like another language gilded into them, have begun attacking settlements and taking anyone they can chain up.

All of these rumors puts the people of Davin’s Port on edge, you’ve heard of more brawls in taverns. People didn’t trust others after the flood but now people are down right traitorous.

Like many adventures, this one starts inside a tavern. One so called “the Melting Pot”

Main Page

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