Cammie "CC" Cherubi

Bryan's Minstrel/Sailor


CC has been hired to bolster the reputation of Bryan’s character. She’s a bit flirty and playful, but means well. She joins him on all of his adventures for the money, but also for the fame. When she returns, CC will tell everyone how Bryan’s character conquered his foes, and of course she was there to see it all. She will exaggerate if needed, as long as the story is good, then all is well.

CC delivery of a story has made her a very popular story teller. Those who have heard of her stories remember how energetic she was when telling those stories, and CC has made a name of herself as one of the best story tellers.

CC grew up on a boat with her father. She learned how to sail from him, and does well on a boat. When she isn’t playing her lute and telling stories, she’s sailing to her next destination in search of a new audience or a new adventure with Bryan’s character.


Cammie "CC" Cherubi

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